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Sound/Noise Masking

Quiet please.

Pittsburgh commercial sound masking photo

Reduce distractions and increase productivity.

Sound masking systems reduce conversational distractions while increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction. Using either centralized, distributed, networked or even hybrid methods, there is a protection against eavesdropping of sensitive and/or classified conversations from other employees and/or even electronic devices.

Ceiling, wall, and floor isolation products are available to control unwanted noise. These treatments include tiling, sound dampening, and underlayments which are available for both wood and concrete structures. Specialty products including acoustical doors and duct treatments are often overlooked and yet very effective at noise reduction.

Pittsburgh commercial sound masking photo

By carefully designing the placement of professional speakers either above a suspended ceiling or below an open floor, "outside distractions" can be drastically minimized, if not completely resolved. Designing the proper system makes all the difference in the world to control that of what is not intended to be heard.

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