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As the world confronts coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Kozi Media Design are taking every precaution as to the safety of our employees, business partners, and customers.

We have internally discussed the care-plans made available every day, while we have limited direct contact between customers. Although many of our customers have remote-assistance capabilities that are not on our preventative-service plans, we will continue to assist to our best ability to monitor them through this time, and continue to conduct business wisely.

Our thoughts are with anyone who has been impacted by COVID-19. We are staying in close contact with the CDC and will continue to make sure that our business practices are consistent with the most up-to-date information.

These are challenging times. Here are some ways to make them a little less challenging.

Keep Your Home Clean

Since many of us are spending more time in our homes, keeping them clean will stop the spread of germs.

Clean Your Touch Screens
Per the CDC recommendations, frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces is important. Here are some simple steps on how to clean and disinfect your touch screens.

  • Use any commercially available non-ammonia glass or disinfectant cleaner.

  • Apply a small amount of cleaner directly to a microfiber or a similar disposable towel or cloth-be sure the cloth is damp and not wet.

  • Wipe the glass touch screen clean.

  • Do not apply cleaner directly to any interface (as most of our systems are not waterproof). And do not wipe the plastic surrounding the glass.

For more, read Should You Clean Your Phone to Combat Coronavirus?, an article from The Wall Street Journal.

Voice Activation
Keep your touch screen surfaces free of germs by controlling your home with the sound of your voice. Voice activation systems add convenience safety to your home. Learn more.

Central Vacuum
Central vacuum systems are up to five times more powerful than the typical vacuum, and offers healthy indoor air by removing 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens. Learn more.

Home Entertainment

As social distancing increases, it will be important to stay occupied within the home.

Home Theater
Bring the family together with a whole new way to experience television. A home theater offers site, sound, and comfort that your local cinema can't provide. Learn more.

Sports Simulators
For those who want to bring a championship golf course into their home, a golf simulator is a great way to play a round in your living room. Learn more.

Exercise Regularly
With the closing of most gyms and health clubs, setting up a home gym is a great way to stay fit. Add an some monitors and dynamic audio and you have an experience you can't find outside the home. Learn more.

Work From Home Solutions

As organizations continue to navigate uncharted territory, adopting new processes like working from home, will be critical.

Home Networks
Today's home computer networks are about more than accessing the Internet or printing to the laser printer in your office from your laptop by the pool. Learn more.

Video Conferencing
Meet with your staff and customers without leaving your home. Video conferencing delivers the “in-person” experience with clear audio and video features. Learn more.

Remote Access
Feel safe and secure knowing that you can access the integrated systems in your office from anywhere you have cellular service. Learn more.

For more, read How to Work From Home, an article from PC Magazine.

Also, check out A Healthy Market for Wellness, an article from Residential Systems.

To learn more, call Kozi Media Design at 1-877-746-5694 or send us an e-mail.

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