This past week Kozi Media Design ( spent 12 – 16 hours a day in New Orleans with the country’s top like-minded integrators being educated, having thought-provoked discussions, and attending forthcoming technology’s, and business-intense seminars.

Each year, Azione Unlimited, a consortium of like-minded dealers, custom retailers, integrators, and vendors, of which Kozi Media Design is a member of, hosts these intense seminars. Together, this group led by Richard Glikes achieve greater levels of prosperity, technical acumen, and sophistication in running businesses and serving customers.

Kozi Media Design continually meets with potential clients, the architects and designers of potential clients, and educates them on the latest technologies. Either through direct communication, classes for the architects /designer trades, or a client project that Kozi Media Design brings the architect or designer to, there is plenty education to go round – but that’s what makes KOZI successful. In order to stay continually informed of these technologies, the owners, managers and technicians of Kozi Media Design rely on the unprecedented personal relationships with their vendors, manufacturers, and distributors. These quality suppliers, as well as monthly seminars and annual trade shows, keep KOZI in tune with the coarse of technology and integration.

The next time you are looking into an integration project, be sure to look into your A/V specialists educational background. Check their certifications, their employees certifications, their policy, and their security measures. Make sure they explain the technology to where you are comfortable with their explanations and the proposal plan. Do they supply documentation? Do they supply system wiring schematics? Do they supply architectural drawings for your systems? Keep in mind that there is a cost for quality and system (as well as family or business) security. What you need to do is evaluate what that cost is for you? your business? your family?



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