Kozi Media Design’s use of LaunchPort – The World’s First Inductive Charging and Mounting System for iPad


A Sleeve is a case that fits onto your iPad. A Station is the mount and induction charging unit that interacts with a Sleeve. So for a no wires or cables on-wall charging solution for your home, business, meeting and boardroom, this is your answer.

LaunchPort uses induction which means as soon as a Sleeve is mounted to a Station, charging begins immediately- without a 30-pin cable or conductive elements. Magnets are used to mount and affix your iPad in its Sleeve to a Station. The tabletop BaseStation only uses some of the magnets in the LaunchPort system, making it easier to grab and go. The WallStation uses all magnets in the system for secure and safe mounting. The magnets are located on the Sleeve case which means you can also mount it to any metallic surface like a refrigerator or work bench.

LaunchPort changes how you can use your iPad in your home or office!

Permanent Solution

Interested in using an iPad or iPod Touch as a conference room scheduler, controller, or digital signage display in the office?  Meet CM-IW2000 and CM-IW200, iPort’s In-Wall Control Mounts.  Now you can securely and permanently mount an iOS device in-wall.  Utilize the Home Button Lockout Kit to keep users within one App and enhance security even more.

Kozi Media Design supplies the custom audio, video, automation, integration and easy user interface. Control your shades, lights, meetings & video conferencing with ease.

Command the Room

From automation to presentation, iPad is becoming a key element of every board room.  With technologies like AirPlay, you can wirelessly send an iPad’s screen image to the room’s screen using an Apple TV.  And with Apps and systems like Crestron and Savant, full room control is yours – from one device.  Enter LaunchPort: the best way to mount, charge, and protect iPad assets deployed in the office.

Secure Investment

LaunchPort offers a LaunchPort Security Pack with the ability to temporarily or permanently tether an iPad, all the while keeping it charged.  The Security Sleeve also provides a way to lock the two halves of the Sleeve together; further inhibiting the mis-use or theft of an iPad.


The LaunchPort WallStation provides a home for your iPad on a Wall. It securely mounts and charges your iPad while in a Sleeve. Rotate your iPad though 360 degrees and use provided detents for alignment to portrait and landscape orientations. With its discreet matte white or black finish and small footprint, the WallStation minimizes visual impact on the wall when not in use. Use a WallStation in a residential or commercial space, turning a wall into an information center, gallery, video conferencing center, or whatever else you can imagine.


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Documentation & image credit to: https://www.launchport.com

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